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EtherWAN Systems Switches used in Solar Car Team’s Racer

Oct 13 2009 California, USA –The University of Michigan Solar Car team is competing in the World Solar Challenge in Australia, October 2009. The Solar Car is a product of advanced engineering technologies designed and built by students at the University of Michigan. EtherWAN is proud that this year’s car will be using EtherWAN Ethernet switches as part of the communications system that keeps the car running at peak performance and the people communicating with each other.

The Car's name is Infinium and is five time more aerodynamic than a Corvette. This car employs gallium arsenide solar panels that convert sunshine into electricity that is stored in Lithium batteries. The batteries are capable of powering the car for 300 miles on a dark night and will recharge the next day while driving.

Infinium weighs about 400 pounds and has a top speed of 87 MPH. EtherWAN is proud to sponsor the University of Michigan Solar Car Team and we strongly support the important work students are doing for the school as they advance their career prospects. More importantly the work this team is doing will result in more efficient renewable energy sources for America's future.

About EtherWAN

EtherWAN Systems, founded in 1996 in Irvine CA, has become a leader in Ethernet connectivity for applications in various markets including interaction traffic monitoring & surveillance, transportation, utility, oil & mining, factory automation, etc. EtherWAN specializes in designing and manufacturing fiber optic Ethernet products and Ethernet equipment for harsh environments. The available products are hardened Ethernet over VDSL equipments, hardened media converters from serial/Ethernet to fiber or wireless, PoE switches, IEC61850 based hardened Ethernet equipments for power distribution and substation applications, EN50121-4 based products for railway and train networking applications, and those for UL1604 based hazardous locations. EtherWAN's US headquarters are located in California USA with Pacific Rim headquarters and manufacturing facility in Taipei, Taiwan. With engineering expertise at both sides of the Pacific Ocean and its own production lines in Taiwan, EtherWAN continues to serve the markets with most advanced Ethernet gears at very affordable prices.