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EtherWAN Launches eVue: A Network Management Tool

Software tool assists with deployment and management of EtherWAN devices

Taipei, Taiwan—July 30, 2019— EtherWAN Systems Inc., has announced the launch of eVue, a network configuration and monitoring tool. This exciting software tool launch complements the effective deployment and quick management of EtherWAN managed devices while fulfilling user expectations on managing complex networking environment and optimizing user experience.

In order to provide a time-saving and simple method to address configuration and complicated monitoring tasks, eVue is designed with an integrated web-based interface, which is fully compatible with the most commonly used web browsers so that there’s no worry with compatibility. The eVue application discovers and lists EtherWAN devices on the network to perform a visualization of the network topology, network monitoring, bulk configuration deployment, event and device status, and firmware upgrade scheduling, with an intuitive and easy-to-use layout.

“There has been an increasing demand in deploying managed Ethernet switches in mission critical applications. An easy-to-use network management tool arguably saves both deployment and maintenance effort of these devices in the long run. With its capability to configure, monitor and manage numerous EtherWAN devices across a medium-sized network, eVue not only addresses customers' needs but also serves as a platform to harmonize the management of EtherWAN devices.” says Michael Yao, VP of Product Division at EtherWAN.

To reveal network status, eVue continuously monitors for events of EtherWAN devices, and records them for later review at any time. Furthermore, with the ability to send notifications by email, SMS, and SNMP trap based on selected levels of severity, eVue provides up to the minute information on critical systems. Administrators can receive alerts instantly when an event occurs, becoming aware of network issues long before users are impacted, saving time and resources. Last but not least, security is not left behind, with multilevel account authentication that maintains the desired level of network security as needed.

eVue upgrades commonly performed workflows. Even today, many network administrators are using several software tools to perform network monitoring and device management. Providing a truly a complete solution, eVue is a centralized management platform for a diverse range of EtherWAN devices, one that offers a complete picture of the network, while collecting all necessary information about errors and incidents. These abilities greatly simplify troubleshooting operations.

Download eVue and activate the demo to try this new network management solution now.

About EtherWAN

Established in 1996, EtherWAN became a subsidiary of the German Phoenix Contact Group in 2017. EtherWAN has been consistently dedicated to the innovation of industrial-grade Ethernet communication equipment. With experienced software and hardware teams, solid integration verification capability, and high-quality technical consulting, the company has obtained many patents worldwide. Designs produced in-house, combined with manufacturing based in Taiwan, are guaranteed to deliver maximum quality and service. The company's products have been widely used in intelligent transportation systems, security surveillance, energy, critical infrastructure, and factory automation.

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