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How do I upgrade the firmware on EtherWAN switches?


To upgrade the firmware, a TFTP server is required. The firmware file for the switch is in a .TGZ or .IMG format. This is a compressed file; however, it should not be decompressed before updating the switch.

Note: If a Firewall is running on the PC that is running the TFTP server it may need to be temporarily disabled.

Upgrade firmware using web interface

  1. Copy the firmware file to the correct directory for your TFTP server. The correct directory depends on your TFTP server settings
  2. Navigate to System > Firmware Upgrade
  3. Enter the filename of the firmware in the Filename text box.
  4. Enter the IP Address of your TFTP server in the TFTP Server IP text box.
  5. Click on the Upgrade button.
  6. During the firmware upgrade you will see the following messages. Do not reboot or unplug the switch until the final message is received.
    1. Downloading now, please wait...
    2. tftp.img from ip success!! Install now. This may take several minutes, please wait...
    3. Firmware upgrade success!