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What’s so important about 90W PoE and IEEE 802.3bt ?

PoE-driven IoT networks are continuously expanding, and this means that they must be able to support the addition of more and more power-hungry devices. The old standard, IEEE 802.3at, only supplies up to 30W, limiting both the amount of power available and a network’s growth. With the new IEEE 802.3bt standard, devices can deliver as much as 90W of power, meaning that you have greater bandwidth to support the flexibility and long-term health of your network. Check out some of our new products utilizing IEEE 802.3bt!

INJ90BT-24 Hardened PoE Injector

The INJ90BT-24 provides the solution required to integrate remote PoE devices such as IP cameras, LED lights, wireless access point, and other network devices into non-PoE networks for reliable operation even in harsh environments.



  • 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE
  • PoE power output up to 90W
  • IEEE 802.3bt compliant
  • Long distance PoE (up to 820ft) supported

SPL90BT Hardened PoE Splitter

The SPL90BT can accept up to 90W power from a PoE power source and provide discrete DC power to remote non-PoE devices in environments where a power source is not available. The splitter offers various output voltages to allow for connections to a wide range of devices.



  • 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE
  • DC power output up to 90W
  • IEEE 802.3bt compliant
  • Power non-PoE devices in remote locations

EX42395BT Hardened Unmanaged 6-Port PoE Switch

The EX42395BT provides the power required to support a variety of applications including PTZ cameras and LED lighting. With 90W output per port, this compact yet powerful switch offers the flexibility, speed, and reliability needed to support your growing network.



  • 4 gigabit PoE ports, 2 dual-rate gigabit SFP ports
  • PoE power budget up to 90W/port, total 240W
  • IEEE 802.3bt compliant
  • Long distance PoE (up to 820ft)

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