EtherWAN Launches eVue: Network Management Utility

The new software tool is designed to assist with deployment and management of EtherWAN devices on networks

Anaheim, CA July 30, 2019— EtherWAN Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of network connectivity products specifically developed for harsh and demanding environments, has announced the launch of eVue, an advanced network management software utility designed to simplify network deployment and management. eVue is the latest milestone in EtherWAN's continuous effort to meet growing user expectations for better device management, connectivity monitoring, deployment efficiency, and troubleshooting.

We're continuously developing ways to save time for our customers and provide more value,"says Jim Toepper, Marketing and Products Director at EtherWAN. "eVue will simplify network configuration and deployment to provide a simple and central way to manage the network."

eVue is designed to address the management requirements of networks, letting users centrally manage and monitor EtherWAN managed devices from a single integrated web-based interface. eVue is compatible with the most commonly used web browsers, and requires no browser extension or plug-in.

To avoid time-consuming network setup and complicated monitoring tasks, eVue discovers and lists EtherWAN managed devices on the network for easy configuration. eVue provides a visualization of the network topology, network monitoring, bulk configuration deployment, event and device management, and firmware upgrade scheduling, with an intuitive and easy-to-use layout.

To help monitor network status, eVue continuously monitors the status of the devices for events and records them for review at a later time. Furthermore, with the ability to send notifications by email, SMS, and SNMP traps, eVue provides up to the minute information on critical systems. Administrators can receive alerts instantly long before issues impact users, saving time and resources.

To try EtherWAN's new network management solution, download eVue and activate the demo.

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EtherWAN Systems, Inc. is a world-leading manufacturer of Ethernet, PoE, Wireless, Media Converters and Fiber connectivity products designed for demanding environments. Founded over twenty years ago by NASA Engineers and headquartered in Anaheim, California, EtherWAN's expertise lies in Urban Infrastructure connectivity solutions that make communities safe and secure. From in-house designed and manufactured products to the implementation and support for customers of all sizes, EtherWAN achieves an unparalleled level of reliability and quality for applications where connectivity is crucial.
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