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  • EX72000 Series Hardened Managed 8 to 14 ports 10/100BASE and 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with SFP options
    強固級網管型8-14埠10/100BASE +2埠Gigabit乙太網路交換器(SFP選擇組合)
  • manual_v1.94.6.3
    V1.94.6.3 updated: 20200429
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    In common: EX27000, EX29000, EX61000A, EX62000, EX63000, EX70900, EX71000, EX72000, EX73000, EX74000, EX75000, EX76000, EX77000, EX78162, EX83000, EX87000, EX89000