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Ethernet Extenders for Metro Surveillance


Metro surveillance is highly stressed along with the aggressive evolvement of intelligent technology and imperative demand of social security. In order to augment the level of metro surveillance in South Taiwan, the city government decided to install cameras in each major traffic intersection structuring with and are controlled by an IP based surveillance system.

Considering all potential metropolis renewal plans in the future as a whole, the project chose digital surveillance systems, instead of traditional analog type, to integrate with real-time alarming and graphic control systems. Images are captured by mega pixel PoE cameras then transmitted back to the host. The whole new system provides great definition and data accuracy. It simply overcomes limititations of the existing analog CCTV system.


Approximate 50 cameras were installed in a city as the testing site before spreading out the solution to all South Taiwan. The distance from point to point may be various from some meters to a couple of kilometers. Most importantly, the connecting devices were deployed outdoors and were operating in extreme temperature environments. The idea is to use an industrial grade Ethernet equipment to transmit data and images over existing coaxial cable installed back to the time when analog CCTV system was installed. The centralized control center collects all images in a digital format. All can be monitored and controlled remotely over IP. The new structure replaced couplers, amplifiers, regulators, and separator etc.


Standard CAT5 cables always limit the transmission distance within 100 meters. The project requires an average point-to-point distance at 400-600 meters which is not reachable through regular CAT5 cables. Fiber connection was considered to be the only option however, it was not affordable and feasible for this specific project requirements. EtherWAN's ED3638T/R PoL™/PoE Ethernet Extender is an a hardened grade product bearing an operating temperature range from -40ºC to 75ºC. Most importantly, it is designed to use Ethernet over a coaxial cable with PoE. The performance can still be about 70Mbps under the asking distance not a problem to handle mega pixel camera connections. It completely meets the project requirement and apparently helps the project system integrator construct a cost-effective and technically-competitive IP based surveillance system.


The project owner successfully installed 50 cameras for the initial field test. More will be added in all South Taiwan major cities. The system integrator also learned that EtherWAN provides another option of PoL™/PoE Ethernet Extender running Ethernet over regular phone line. This may help to create more opportunities when long-distance Ethernet is needed however cost is an issue.

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