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Smart City - Industrial Network Solutions

Network Solutions

EtherWAN's established product lines and customizable features are built to support the long-term health of your network. With managed and unmanaged options, we have the right networking solution for nearly any communications challenge your urban infrastructure may face.

EtherWAN's product range includes Ethernet switches, media converters, Ethernet extenders (phone line & coaxial), and Power over Ethernet products built in a wide variety of form factors and environmental grades.

  • ■ NEMA TS2 for ITS and Transportation
  • ■ IEC 61850-3 / IEEE 1613 for Utility Substations
  • ■ EN 50155 for Railway and Train Applications
  • ■ EN 61000 for Industrial Automation Applications
  • ■ ISA 12.12.01 / ATEX for Hazardous locations
  • ■ PoE for Security & Access Control

Highway Solutions using OSPF
EtherWAN provides an industrial grade OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) solution that is ideal for highway surveillance systems. OSPF is a link-state routing protocol that enforces hierarchical routing domains in two tiers by implementing backbone and non-backbone areas. It is especially suitable for large, wide-scale networks.

Cyber Security at Intersections
As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes mainstream, new challenges are added to what was already a complex subject. EtherWAN is delivering solutions for urban traffic and intersections that meet both the performance and security needs of these rapidly expanding systems.

PoE Solutions for Car Parks
Safety and crime prevention are major concerns for car parks, and IP surveillance cameras are increasingly the solution of choice to meet these needs. Power over Ethernet is the most popular option. EtherWAN‘s PoE solutions use the latest standard, delivering up to 60 watts of power at distances up to 250 meters.

Smart Bus Shelter IoT Solution
Cities are investing to become more efficient, while providing a better environment for citizens. IoT is a key aspect of this new trend. Bus shelters commonly used by commuters, and Integrating IoT with digital signage in bus shelters enhances communication. EtherWAN’s EW200 cellular gateway plays a major role in connectivity.

eVue: Network Management Made Simple
The eVue network configuration and monitoring tool simplifies device management, allowing system administrators to monitor and maintain multiple EtherWAN devices on a local or wide area network. With the ability to send notifications by email and SMS based on selected levels of severity, eVue provides up to the minute information on critical systems.

Web based graphical
user interface

Automated network discovery
and topology visualization

Event handling via polling
and SNMP trap