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What sort of frame forward mechanism do EtherWAN media converters support?


  1. Store-and-Forward
    The entire frame is received and stored in memory in order to check whether it's error-free before any forwarding takes place. The frame will be discarded if the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) and frame length are considered as invalid.
  2. Cut-Through
    As soon as the media converter identifies the destination MAC address of a frame, it starts forwarding the frame before the entire frame is received. Any corrupted frames will also be forwarded.
  3. Pass-Through
    Pass-Through simply converts a copper signal into a fiber signal without any error detection; therefore, it has the lowest transmission latency compared with the above three frame forward mechanisms. However, any corrupted frames will also be forwarded.
  Store-and-Forward Cut-Through Pass-Through
EL9000     V
EL2242   V  
EL2315 V    
EL2321 V    
EL2211 V    
EL900 V    
EL1032T V    
EL1142 V    
EL1141 V    
EX42011 V    
EL200 V    
EL100 V    
EL50 V