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In for the Long Haul

EtherWAN's expertise in transportation runs deep. Original 1990's EtherWAN switches are still in use in ITS networks today, which is proof of both our engineering excellence and customer commitment. For over 20 years now, we have delivered the right networking solution for a wide range of communications challenges in transportation infrastructure.

With more than twenty years of accrued technical and industry expertise, EtherWAN is eager to share the company's many real-world successes and application experience in the transportation field. By remaining focused on purpose-built products, that is, products designed and engineered to be practical solutions to specific problems and needs, all of which are backed by a lifetime warranty.

20+ Years of
ITS Expertise



Bridge Monitoring

Pulling fiber cables on the bridge is often not an economical approach. EtherWAN Ethernet extenders provide other options, allowing existing coax or telephone lines to be used. When used together with PoE solutions, their implementation is ideal in terms of cost and performance. Whether it is upgrading the network infrastructure on an existing bridge, or building a system for a new bridge, EtherWAN has both the product range and the application experience to meet any project needs in terms of cost and performance.

Highway Safety

Digital devices are now found on all modern highways and gantries. These include electronic tolling systems, emergency reporting systems, traffic flow detectors, and weather sensors. The network that connects these devices must be able to operate in a wide temperature range, and handle full data loading for long periods. EtherWAN's hardened-grade equipment plays a vital role in many major highway management networks around the world.

Metro Transit

The New York transit system planned to upgrade its analog intercom systems to IP. In order to build up a fully integrated system, the intercom company collaborated with EtherWAN on the project, from system design to technical support. EtherWAN provided a special 16 port DIN rail PoE solution that was only 1/2 the size of comparable products that satisfied the space, performance and power requirements of the new system. The resulting outcome was a great success.

Tunnel Monitoring

For pedestrian and vehicular tunnels, ITS systems must be robust and absolutely reliable. For safety, devices should be grouped in subnets, so Layer 3 functionality is needed. EtherWAN provided one German city with a hardened tunnel solution that not only connects digital signage, CO2 monitors, a host of IP cameras, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), but also provides routing between the many subnets.

Intersection Surveillance

A city with a population of over two million came to the conclusion that it was time to upgrade their city-wide traffic video surveillance from analog to digital. EtherWAN resolved the many issues in this complicated project with a combination of traditional network topology and proprietary know-how, including the ability to deliver PoE power to distances of up to 250 meters.