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Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

In today’s modern world, Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) are used to efficiently monitor and manage traffic congestion. This includes traffic light controllers with inputs from various types of vehicle detectors (such as video, radar and magnetic), video surveillance systems, dynamic message signs and other systems to measure traffic flow and inform drivers about hot spots and congestion.

  • EtherWAN’s switches create a redundant network system that is critical to traffic control city and county wide.
  • Many of EtherWAN's switches include advanced alpha-ring technology, supporting a recovery time less of than 15ms to maximize uptime.
  • EtherWAN’s ITS solutions support QoS to allow high priority devices to transfer data in the most efficient way possible
  • EtherWAN’s products are designed for extreme weather conditions, with wide temperature ranges, and abide by ITS standards, ensuring reliability and network connectivity without interruptions.

EtherWAN Systems Releases the EX73900 Series Hardened Managed Switch with Lite Layer 3 Functions

EtherWAN Systems, Inc. has released the EX73900 series, a new hardened managed gigabit Ethernet switch that supports lite layer 3 functions. The EX73900 provides Ethernet connectivity with 8 or 12 gigabit copper ports and 4 SFP or fixed fiber ports.


EtherWAN Systems Launches a Surge Protector Product Line

EtherWAN launches the PD Series, the Surge Protection Device (SPD) product line, with total surge protection current up to 10kA. The PD1041 features two RJ45 ports compatible with pass-through data/ power of standard Gigabit Ethernet/ Power over Ethernet, and a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 75°C under 100Mbps throughput). It also passes CE, FCC, VCCI, UL497B and RoHS compliance requirements.


New Releases: ER52000 Series — Hardened Unmanaged M12 PoE Switch

The ER52000 provides 10 robust M12 Ethernet ports with the vibration resistance required for railway or other demanding applications: 8 Power over Ethernet ports are available for powering up network devices such as an IP camera installed on rolling stock, plus 2 Gigabit uplink ports supporting bypass relay function, which ensures on-going data transmission despite an inactive switch due to power failure.



Ethernet Connectivity for Transportation

A4 @ double-inward folded total 8 pages full of application diagram examples and best-selling products for ITS & Traffic market.
Release Date: 2015-11-18

Editorial 01

Effective IP surveillance with power over Ethernet.


Editorial 02

How to choose suitable network switch?


Editorial 03

How to minimize EMI mission critical video impace on surveillance?




► Intelligent Transportation Systems

Traffic management
systems, today, include
traffic light controllers
with inputs from various
types of vehicle






► In-vehicle Surveillance Project in Germany

VS Bus company in Germany 
chooses EtherWAN's prodcut 
to provide a robust in-vehicle
IP surveillance solution.






► Ethernet Extenders for Metro Surveillance

The city government install 
cameras in each major traffic 
interaction structuring with
an IP based surveillance system.



► EtherWAN to Enhance the Traffic Flow Management in Asia

EtherWAN's products
were chosen by the traffic
department in an Asian
country to upgrade the
traffic light system...







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A4 @ double-inward folded total 8 pages full of application diagrams and best-selling products for Transportation

Product Brochure

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PoL (Power over Link) from EtherWAN
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Mission-critical Applications
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01_3.jpg Extended Ethernet Distance
Long distance Ethernet over copper pair or coaxial up to 2.6km using existing wiring infrastructure.
02_3.jpg Technology to Industry
EtherWAN is committed to provide industry-certified product development such as IEC61850/IEEE1613 for power grid and substations, EN50155/EN50121-4 for rolling-stock and railway.
03_3.jpg Hardened Design Know-how
Designed to survive in extended temperature range; Protection against shock and vibration, power surge and high ESD, etc.
04_0.jpg Efficient Bandwidth Control
Port-based VLAN, IEEE802.3Q VLAN Tagging and GVRP, IEEE802.1p QoS with priority queues, MAC-based trunking support.
05_0.jpg Redundancy Management
Unique α-Ring topology guarantees recovery time < 15ms, multiple power inputs design, relay contact design for alarm connections.
06_1.jpg Wise Mounting Design
Rack mount, Din Rail mount, Wall mount, Panel mount and Desktop.
07_1.jpg Access Control
MAC address filter, IEEE802.1x PNAC, VLAN, Port mirror.
08_1.jpg Network Management
Fully managed, console, web, SNMP, Telnet.