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Ethernet Switch Glossary

  Ethernet Switch Glossary

   α-Ring (Alpha Ring)

     STP and RSTP are traditional network redundancy technologies most commonly used; however, they cannot
     provide fast network recovery in minimizing packet loss caused by link failure on industrial networks. Due
     to this requirement, EtherWAN's α-Ring was developed in order to overcome this issue. EtherWAN's α-Ring
     provides a very fast network redundancy mechanism to recover from a network failure in a very short period of
     time. If there is a broken connection in the ring topology, the network will recovered back to normal operation
     within 15ms.

α-Chain (Alpha Chain)

Traditional Chain architecture does not support network redundancy mechanism. Based on network
redundancy requirements, EtherWAN’s α-Chain provides a network redundancy mechanism to recover from a
network failure. It is suitable for different PLC and Unmanaged Switch and offers a variety of Chain redundancy

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