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Ethernet Extender Glossary

  Ethernet Extender Glossary

Ethernet Extender

EtherWAN's Ethernet Extenders allow the extension of IP services beyond normal Ethernet distance limitations
without changing cables, breaking the 100-meter Ethernet barrier.

Upgrading an access control and/or surveillance system with new systems that communicate using IP
technology can be a monumental task, especially when changing the wiring infrastructure, which can be more
costly and time-consuming than upgrading the entire system. EtherWAN offers a solution to this dilemma.
EtherWAN has developed a line of Ethernet Extenders that provide Ethernet connectivity over existing coaxial
cables or regular telephone/communications cables. Ethernet Extenders are significantly more cost-effective
compared to the cost of replacing cables, and they extend the life of existing installed infrastructure.

                            IP Camera  ED3141                           Cat. 5
                                                                    Only up to 100m
                                              Copper Wires
                                                 Up to 1.9 km                     ED3101

                            IP Camera  ED3341                       ED3331

                                                  Coaxial Cable
                                                      Up to 2.6 km

           Motion Detector  ED3011                                  ED3011                    Control
                                                                                      EM1100  Center

                                       Copper Wires
                                         Up to 6.2 km

IP Camera  EL9100

                                        Fiber Optics
                                       Up to120-160 km

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