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EL1141 Series

IEC61850/IEEE1613 Hardened 10/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX
Media Converter

               IEC      UL508  NEMA


   The EL1141 Series provides media conversion between 10/100BASE-T and 100BASE-SX-LX Fiber. Built specifically for mission-critical
   applications in harsh environments, the EL1141’s hardened design features high shock & vibration resistance, electrical noise immunity,
   wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C, and ruggedized aluminum housing. The EL1141 passes IEC61850-3/IEEE1613
   certifications and is suitable for power substation applications. With triple power inputs, link down alarming, Link-Fault-Pass-Through
   and a wide range of fiber connectivity options the EL1141 is the ideal media converter for harsh environments.

   EtherWAN – “When Connectivity is Crucial”.


•	IEC61850-3/IEEE1613 Certification

    ◦◦ Specific design for power automation applications

•	EN50121-4 Certification

    ◦◦ Specific design for railway environment application

•	Wide Operating Temperature

    ◦◦ -40°C to 75°C wide operating temperature range design is suitable for installation in outdoor cabinets

•	Link-Fault-Pass-Through (LFPT)

    ◦◦ LFPT function let network operators be aware of network connection status
    ◦◦ When fiber link is sown, LFPT function will turn down Ethernet port to inform connected device that the link is down and vise versa

EL1141 Series           73

                                                                                                             rev. A1.3
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