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Ordering Information

Model               Industrial 10/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX media converter with IEEE802.3af 15.4W and IEEE802.3at 30W PoE/PSE


* DIN-Rail mounting kit included

100FX Fiber Options (X)

               1 Multi Mode (SC)
               2 Multi Mode (ST)
              A Single Mode (SC) - 20Km (1310nm)
              B Single Mode (SC) - 40Km (1310nm)
              H Single Mode (ST) - 20Km (1310nm)
               6 Multi Mode (SC) WDM -TX:1310nm/RX:1550nm - 2Km
               7 Multi Mode (SC) WDM -TX:1550nm/RX:1310nm - 2Km
               8 Multi Mode (SC) WDM -TX:1310nm/RX:1550nm - 5Km
               9 Multi Mode (SC) WDM -TX:1550nm/RX:1310nm - 5Km
               P Single Mode (SC) WDM -TX:1310nm/RX:1550nm - 20Km
              Q Single Mode (SC) WDM -TX:1550nm/RX:1310nm - 20Km
              R Single Mode (SC) WDM -TX:1310nm/RX:1550nm - 40Km
               S Single Mode (SC) WDM -TX:1550nm/RX:1310nm - 40Km

* More 100FX Fiber options also available upon request

Optional Accessories

DR-75-48            75W/1.6A DIN-Rail 48VDC Industrial Power Supply (for terminal block)

MDR-40-48           40W/0.83A 48VDC Industrial Power Supply (for terminal block)

DD-85-48            85W/1.78A 48VDC industrial Power Supply (for terminal block)

DD-85-55            85W/1.78A 55VDC Industrial Power Supply (for terminal block)

GS120A-48           120W/2.5A 48VDC Power Adapter with latched DC jack in plastic housing (for DC jack)

EL1032T                           72

                                                                                                                       rev. A1.1
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