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A Media Converter For Your Security & Surveillance Systems

The need for detailed information from an increasing number of surveillance points is causing a problem for many businesses and municipalities: Antiquated wire and fiber optic systems often cannot handle the load. Many decision-makers are finding that the answer to this problem is an upgrade to an Internet wireless system offering greater bandwidth and distance capacity. Using an Ethernet wireless LAN converter, existing systems can be integrated into a larger Ethernet system that can help security and surveillance reach their full potential.


Remote telemetry and surveillance systems have been in widespread use for some decades for both security and monitoring of remote facilities. Some remote terminal units (RTUs) are simple on/off indicators relaying an alarm to a central monitoring station. Others are surveillance cameras relaying a video image, and still others are used to monitor pressure, power, weight, temperature and many other factors.


On the other end, there are programs that can take this information and use it to construct a very complete picture of the circumstances. For instance, water management personnel can now use a program to monitor the movement, speed and various other factors about the water moving through a treatment facility. Similar precision can be achieved in the management of power stations, communications networks, industrial operations or any large, complex system.


Growing fear of terrorists and other intruders is also prompting municipalities to install cameras and alarms in places where they were once thought unnecessary.
All this data requires a lot of bandwidth, and many older wire or fiber optic systems don’t have the capacity. Early RTU systems typically incorporated about 30 to 50 data points per remote location, and many local area networks (LANs) have not been updated since. With a media converter, such old-fashioned systems can be brought into the 21st century.


With such an advanced media converter, there is enough bandwidth to carry detailed data from many RTUs. The signal loss that sometimes plagued wire or fiber optic transmission over long distances does not occur with a media converter.
The upgrade from wire or fiber optic does not have to be done all at once. A media converter or Ethernet wireless LAN media converter can connect different systems and allow parts of the old setup to remain in place if desired.


The benefits of an upgrade from fiber optic and wire to a newer media converter are obvious: More data, clearer transmission, higher resolution, and the increased control that this improvement can bring.


To discover all of the many benefits of upgrading to an Ethernet wireless LAN media converter, or where to find an ethernet media converter, fiber ethernet media converter, a fiber optic to ethernet media converter, or a gigabit ethernet media converter, click here or call (714)779-3800 to contact the professionals at Etherwan.




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