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Hardened IEEE802.3at PoE Switches with DDM Support to Secure Your Fiber Connectivity


PoL™ Ethernet Extender is Awarded Taiwan Excellence

The latest switch technology from EtherWAN Systems allows customers to use the Switches management interface to troubleshoot fiber optic connectivity issues. This feature, called Digital Diagnostics Monitoring or Digital Optical Monitoring (DDM/DOM), saves customers time and money by expediting the installation process as well as reducing support costs.

EtherWAN's EX78000 and EX74000 series hardened Ethernet switches are featured with DDM/DOM. This newly-added feature provides real-time monitoring and measurement of the SFP module. Users can monitor optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and transceiver supply voltage from the optical characteristics and parameters. That allows users to determine the health of the Laser as well as the performance of the fiber optic cable plant.


EtherWAN's Hardened 10/100-TX PoL/PoE Ethernet Extender over Copper Wires, ED3538, has just won Taiwan Excellence Awards. The product is outstanding due to EtherWAN's assured R&D capabilities.

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