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PoL Products Solve your
Cabling and Power Problems

Have you ever needed to connect an IP camera, controller, radio or other device to an Ethernet network but the distance is just a bit too long and you don’t have a way to power the device where it is located? EtherWAN has solved this dilemma.ED3638 is a set of Hardened 10/100BASE-TX PoL/PoE Ethernet Extender that could extend both power and Ethernet over coaxial cable. The typical PoE standard supports data and power transmitting only up to 100 meters over Ethernet cable, but with ED3638, you don’t have to change your cable and worry about the distance anymore.
Power and Ethernet Data are transmitted over coaxial cable up to 1.8 Km (5905 ft.)
100Mbps transmission rate and 30W PoE up to 400 meters (1312ft)
Supports IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.af Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution
2KV surge protection on PoL
-40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F) Wide operating temperature
Two Performance types for various environment by a simple dip-switch configuration
  • Perf (Performance): Better line speed
  • Std (Standard): Better noise immunity
Bandwidth indicators for data performance evaluation
PoE indicators for monitoring the power output capacity
Data Rate Indicator (Min. Rate)
( reference performance on 5C2V coaxial cable )
Reference Distance PoE Output Power
100Mbps 400m (1312ft.) 30.0W
80Mbps 600m (1968ft.) 15.4W
60Mbps 800m (2624ft.) 15.4W
40Mbps 1200m (3937ft.) 8W
20Mbps 1600m (5249ft.) 6W
Default Link 1800m (5905ft.) 4W
↓ Clear data rate indicators make your application planning smart
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